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So, I ended up locking myself out of my server (don't ask...) and needed to shut it down while I booted into a live linux distro to mount my server drive and undo my sillyness.  Anyway when I rebooted, GitLab wouldn't start (was stuck on the "Deploying" page).


sudo gitlab-ctl restart

produced the following scariness:

jay@home-server:~$ sudo gitlab-ctl restart
fail: gitaly: runsv not running
fail: gitlab-monitor: runsv not running
fail: gitlab-workhorse: runsv not running
fail: logrotate: runsv not running
fail: node-exporter: runsv not running
fail: postgres-exporter: runsv not running
fail: postgresql: runsv not running
fail: prometheus: runsv not running
fail: redis: runsv not running
fail: redis-exporter: runsv not running
fail: sidekiq: runsv not running
fail: unicorn: runsv not running


gitlab-runsvdir isn't running (which is actually what the fail messages are complaining about).  You'll likely need to start the service manually:

sudo systemctl start gitlab-runsvdir

If the above command freezes (as in doesn't exit to the command line) - then most likely gitlab-runsvdir service got stuck (it's a technical term (smile)).  In this case, kill the runsvdir  process and rerun the above command, e.g.:

sudo killall runsvdir
sudo systemctl start gitlab-runsvdir

Then try the below again and things should start up:

sudo gitlab-ctl restart

Ensure gitlab-runsvdir service is enabled

gitlab-runsvdir should start on boot.  Let's make sure that it's enabled (which should start it on boot):

sudo systemctl enable gitlab-runsvdir


  1. https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/issues/272