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Use a swap file and enable hibernation on Arch Linux - including on a LUKS root partitionJay Ta'alaSep 25, 2023
Super simple approach to accessing Spring beans from non-Spring managed classes and POJOsJay Ta'alaSep 13, 2022
Create and enable swap file on LinuxJay Ta'alaMar 12, 2021
Continuous connection to Cisco AnyConnect VPN with linux OpenconnectJay Ta'alaJan 29, 2021
Setting custom frequency for Apache logs rotationJay Ta'alaSep 16, 2020
Remove Excel VBA passwordJay Ta'alaAug 31, 2020
Logging remote ip address when using reverse proxyJay Ta'alaJul 17, 2020
Maintain access to REST API on previous domain while directing other traffic to new domain on Apache reverse-proxy setupJay Ta'alaJul 16, 2020
Enable 3D acceleration on VMWare windows guest from Arch-Linux host with Nvidia or ATI graphics cardJay Ta'alaApr 26, 2020
Adding folder(s) to Sudoers (sudo) PathJay Ta'alaJan 28, 2020
Make ip-tables (firewall) rules persistentJay Ta'alaNov 30, 2019
Direct Maven to produce a jar in a war projectJay Ta'alaOct 18, 2019
Do not log certain requests in Apache logsJay Ta'alaAug 13, 2019
GitLab won't start - all services failJay Ta'alaApr 11, 2019
Display password requirement message in confluence - CSS content workaroundJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019
Windows system tray icons get messed upJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019
Setting default options for 'less' in LinuxJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019
Redirecting Crowd root requests to crowd context - skip landing pageJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019
Re-activating Windows and Office by phoneJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019
Increase inotify limit on Arch based distrosJay Ta'alaFeb 10, 2019

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