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Recompile VMWare Workstation (or player) kernel modules on boot with systemd serviceJay Ta'alaApr 07, 2020
Setting vim as your default editorJay Ta'alaApr 02, 2020
Installing, configuring, and integrating isso (commenting web app) into ConfluenceJay Ta'alaFeb 22, 2020
My tmux (terminal multiplexer) configJay Ta'alaFeb 18, 2020
Give password-less sudo to a userJay Ta'alaJan 28, 2020
My Manjaro i3 setupJay Ta'alaJan 23, 2020
Setup SSH with OpenSSHJay Ta'alaJan 21, 2020
Installing, setting up, and passing variables to Apache TomcatJay Ta'alaDec 12, 2019
OpenVPN setup and custom configurationsJay Ta'alaDec 08, 2019
Install a package with all optional dependencies in Arch based distrosJay Ta'alaDec 08, 2019
Implement fail2ban with custom apache filter, ipset, and a sample based verification approachJay Ta'alaOct 30, 2019
SSHFS: mount remote server folder locally with SSHJay Ta'alaOct 18, 2019
Transparent SSLH: using a single port to transparently route incoming traffic for Apache, OpenVPN, and SSHJay Ta'alaOct 18, 2019
Create samba share writeable by all, group, or only a userJay Ta'alaOct 12, 2019
Install Microsoft Office 2010 with wine on Arch based Linux distrosJay Ta'alaSep 29, 2019
Quick and dirty bash script to add custom resolutions from the CLIJay Ta'alaSep 25, 2019
Quick and dirty bash script to switch workspaces at timed intervalsJay Ta'alaSep 25, 2019
SSL certificates with cerbot - including wildcard SSL certificatesJay Ta'alaSep 24, 2019
MariaDB and MySQL server install and database setupJay Ta'alaSep 23, 2019
git useful commandsJay Ta'alaJul 25, 2019

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