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In any case, this guide outlines an install process for Arch based distros (Arch, Manjaro, ArcoLinux, etc.) which should provide and stable and robust office install.  This guide will likely need to be modified for other distributions.


Table of Contents

Install wine (and all optional dependencies)

We'll first need to install wine (and a few other wine related packages) on our Arch based system.  I found installing all optional dependencies the best approach here.  Fire up a terminal and enter:


the above will use pactree to list all dependencies (optional or otherwise) and feed these to pacman to install them as dependencies (install reason).

Create and use wine32

Office 2010 runs best on wine using the 32bit libraries (on 64bit Linux wine defaults to the 64bit binaries).  Let's first set wine to use a 32bit prefix and set that as default.  Let's do this by setting the wine environment variables in our .profile to reference the 32bit wine binaries.  Open and add the following to your .profile file:


Code Block
source ~/.profile

Configure wine ready for Office 2010

Now let's configure wine for Office 2010.  Start wine's (prefix) config application with


Click OK and we're now ready to install Office 2010.

Install Office 2010

Install Office 2010 by finding (or downloading) the install/setup file and executing that, either by double-clicking it in your file browser or executing the following in your terminal, for example:


Follow the installation procedure as per normal (e.g. as on windows).

Activate Office 2010

If all went well you should now be able to open office applications (as you normally start applications on your WM/DE/distro).


The automated system will then provide a confirmation id that you enter in the provided boxes to activate your product.



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