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My eyes are a big fan of redshift.  Redshift changes your display's colour temperature to make it a lot easier on your eyes (especially in dark settings).

Now, you could install and use something like like redshift-gtk, which gives you a tray application which allows you to enable/disable redshift etc.  However, on my basic i3wm setup, I prefer to control redshift a bit more manually.

For A few reasons for this is:

  • I generally don't like extra processes and apps running;
  • I don't like tray apps in general (I don't know why... they just annoy me);
  • I like bindsym-ming stuff I use often;


Modify your i3 config

We're going to add a an i3 binding mode, which we will call with a bindsym ($mod+r for example).  This will show several options for controlling redshift (these options will usually show up at the bottom left of your screen).