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Note that this config file contains other modifications that I prefer in my i3 setup, such as:

  • define mod_next at top of file (used throughout config, e.g.  mod=Mod1, mod_next=Mod4)
  • conky config files (see following section)
  • pamac-manager now starts as normal (not float);
  • also using rofi (sudo pacman -S rofi) for both window listing (mod+Tab) and as a launcher (mod+d);
  • using py3status instead of i3status (sudo pacman -S py3status);
  • using '$mod_next+uiop[' keys for various apps (like launching pamac, chromium, bitwarden, putty, nautilus);
  • added resizing windows without needing resize mode (mod+alt+Left shrinks width by 20ppt, mod+alt+shift+Left shrinks width by 10ppt, etc.) - and disabled resizing mode.  Can also use vim style keys here;
  • changes to container and splitting shortcuts; 
  • mod+alt+z, mod+alt+x increases/decreases current window transparency needs transset-df (sudo pacman -S transset-df);
  • sticky window toggle set to (mod+ctrl+s);
  • added "netflix" and "spotify" modes (mod+altmod_next+n, mod+altmod_next+m);added some "special" window management shortcuts (
  • change split h/v keys to mod+z, mod+shift+z, mod+x, mod+shift+x): these are some of my favourites and essentially combines two windows (that are next to each other) into a separate container./x

I have several bindsyms that use integrated bash scripts (i.e. not external but explicitly defined in my i3 config) which depend on xdotool. Please ensure you have xdotool installed, e.g. do "pacman -S xdotool"