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Comment: changed to cntrl+alt since changes to my i3 config to avoid clashes


CommandCommand prefix
Split window horizontallycntrl-alt-n
Split window verticallycntrl-alt-m
Resize pane upcntrl-alt-Up
Resize pane downcntrl-alt-Down
Resize pane leftcntrl-alt-Left
Resize pane rightcntrl-alt-Right;
Zoom current pane (make fullscreen)cntrl-alt-f
Switch to above panecntrl-alt-k
Switch to below panecntrl-alt-j
Switch to left panecntrl-alt-h
Switch to right panealt-lSwitch to next windowcntrl-alt-lSwitch to previous windowcntrl-alt-h

Reloading .tmux.conf without restarting tmux