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where you can replace <browser> with you installed browser (e.g. pale-moon, firefox, chromium etc.).

Unlocking gnome-keyring on login

On many DEs that use gnome-keyring to securely store credentials (like usernames and passwords) they will automatically unlock the the keyring when logging in.  On i3... not so much.

To get i3 to successfully unlock your keyring on login, you'll need to use the method outlined here.

Edit /etc/pam.d/login and add the following two lines:

Code Block
auth       optional
session    optional auto_start


Save i3 layouts with i3-layout-manager


Although still in my i3 config file, this is now disabled (commented out) as it is still experimental with several issues

i3 natively supports saving and loading specific window layouts with the i3-save-tree, however the implementation is not really "user ready" in the sense that you can't use it as is to easily save and load different layouts.

Tomáš Báča wrote a fantastic neat script that makes this functionality extremely simple much simpler to use.

I find having set/defined layouts really eases managing complex window setups.  Often I am working with many windows in some complicated setup (with child window containers of window containers etc.) and want to just get back to something simple(r) - which can be surprisingly tedious