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So, I have an issue quite often when restarting confluence on several servers (one running Ubuntu server 16.10 and the other running Amazon Linux) - synchrony either doesn't start or doesn't die (when stopping previous confluence instance).  Things look fine until you go create or edit a page... you just get the an eternally spinning progress circle.

Checking General Configuration → Collaborative editing causes continual error boxes to be displayed (when I restart my instance and it happens again I put a picture here).


Well, I haven't actually found a solution or workaround that I'm confident in yet, but I can usually gets things up and running correctly by one of the following.

Restarting confluence

Try restarting confluence by:

sudo service confluence restart

Stopping confluence, running stop-synchrony.sh, and waiting a bit

A few occasions restarting confluence didn't work.  Next I would try:

sudo service confluence stop
sudo /opt/atlassian/confluence/bin/stop-confluence.sh
sudo /opt/atlassian/confluence/bin/synchrony/stop-synchrony.sh

wait 30 seconds, then

sudo service confluence start


  1. https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFSERVER-43741